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Weyland-Yutani is a global provider of solutions for neutralisation of emissions, odour control, energy recovery from disposables and reuse of resources offering a broad portfolio of innovative technologies and expertise to support industrial, and municipal customers as a response towards a ”zero footprint” economy. 

We believe that humanity reached the point where a definitive change will give the chance to all of us to thrive and prosper in symbiosis with our planet. We visualise ways to reduce to zero our dependency on fossil fuels while we create ground breaking technologies to use the remains of our existence, in a closed loop.

Clean air, clean water and resource sustainability, play an instrumental role in so many aspects of daily life. Weyland-Yutani provides solutions for customers with critical needs for energy generation, food & beverage safety and production, medicine, manufacturing and many more. We understand and value the power of air, water and energy to enhance life and we work to ensure its uninterrupted quantity and quality.

Our entrepreneurial culture empowers us to quickly develop or acquire solutions, allowing our customers to proactively protect their business and end users. Our world-class expertise and ever-expanding portfolio of products has established Weyland-Yutani as the trusted advisor to municipal, industrial and recreational customers worldwide.

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