Weyland-Yutani can manage each component of the integral water cycle, which consists of the capture, treatment, purification, distribution and collection of waste water and its subsequent treatment to be returned to the environment in optimal condition.
Our experience to date, together with a detailed knowledge of the maintenance and operation of infrastructure built, guarantees efficiency in the use of public and private resources invested in new infrastructure.


Water Treatment and Reuse


Energy Recovery and Disposables

Oil Covered Rubber Gloves

Emissions Control and Neutralisation

We provide an unique portfolio of smart game-changing solutions in sustainable water use and resource recovery combined with our intelligent services to create profit out water.
More than ever water is a critical resource where increasingly demanding environmental requirements have given rise to new technologies and working practises to create a more sustainable way of treating and reuse wastewater. Weyland-Yutani has a broad experience and application know-how within a wide range of industries, designing the most appropriate solutions to reduce, reuse and recover water.

Energy recovery provides a long-term sustainable solution for waste disposal once the options of waste reduction, reuse and recycling are exhausted.
We don't leave anything behind, scraping anything which can be recovered and reused. We bring huge savings where no one looked. We develop innovative strategies and solutions to recover the energy left behind in water and waste before scavenging any disposable which can be reused back in the business.

Industrial and Municipal emissions present a serious threat to natural ecosystems and human health both at global and regional levels.

Either is in the air, soil or water, we help owners and operators achieve compliance as the environment and climate is demanding more and more care from us. 

Weyland-Yutani are firm protectors of our legacy for next generations, restless workers to protect the environment by innovating ways to live in perfect symbiosis with our planet ecosystem. We hold unique products and technologies which blend perfectly with daily operations inside factories and plants.