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At Weyland-Yutani, we understand our customers’ needs and deliver solutions to improve their performance and our world. We leverage our portfolio of trusted brands, proven products, advanced technologies and the industry’s most knowledgeable people to deliver cost-effective, reliable systems and services with unparalleled attention to customer satisfaction.

We also understand that integrity and doing what’s right is critical to the success of Weyland-Yutani and it is through this core value that we navigate our daily business dealings and business decisions. We are committed to both conducting business in an ethical manner and ensuring our employees are safe. This commitment is underlined by this simple, principle that all of us work with each day: No profit is or ever will be worth compromising the safety of our employees or the integrity of our company.

Below guidelines are designed to guide us in our work activities, wherever we are located. They show how to conduct our business in an ethical and legal manner, and explain the laws, regulations and policies we need to know and follow.

Ethics & Compliance: About
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