About Weyland-Yutani

At Weyland-Yutani we do fluid engineering with the soul goal to reduce the humanity's footprint over the surrounding environment. We research and develop frontier technologies for energy recovery from disposables, water treatment and reuse, air to fuels, solar harvesting, and neutralisation of emissions.
We believe that humanity reached the point where a definitive change will give the chance to all of us to thrive an prosper in symbiosis with planet. We visualise ways to reduce to zero our dependency on fossil fuels while we create ground breaking technologies to use the remains of our existence, in a closed loop.
Although young, we harvest 100 years of shared experience of our trustworthy team, who put their knowledge in service all around the world in the most challenging engineering projects.

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Fluid Engineering

Our innovation and designs change the way communities live, both locally and globally.  With an emphasis on leadership and collaboration, our talented team of engineers works hard to deliver high-quality solutions.

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What we Do

Dirt Construction Site

Design and Build

Both project manager and water treatment expert, Weyland-Yutani controls all the stages involved in designing and building plants, including design studies, plans, works and commissioning.


Operation and Maintenance

In connection with contracts that may extend from a few months to 25 years, we operate and maintain utilities installations, while we optimise their production costs in respect with enforced standards and regulations.


Equipment Supply

Weyland-Yutani supplies tried-and-tested wide range of ready-to-use equipment incorporating all of the our expertise and know-how.

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060133 Bucharest 6st District, 51 Caranda Gheorghe lt. av. Street, Romania

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